Cover bands rule

I walked down to Harbor Steps (down the hill between First Ave. and the waterfront) for a change on lunch today, instead of to Freeway Park, to see if I could see the Blue Angels. I saw their big support plane “Fat Albert” fly over, so they were probably just about to start. But when I got to the steps, I forgot all about the planes because a concert was going on by a Beatles cover band. They had a nice twangy Beatle sound and seemed to have the songs note for note along with great enthusiasm. The bass player played a bass like Paul McCartney's. What a way to make a living!

Two ten-year-old boys and a few loopy-looking people danced right out in front, and lots of people on the steps and landings bounced around holding onto their purses and briefcases. An older man in a crisp white shirt and tie stepped out onto an office balcony to watch. On an opposite balcony, a man and woman swing-danced. So much fun. Everybody else stood around with blissful smiles, clapping and whistling. Man—I should never go anywhere without my camera. I forgot it in the office today.