Pics from around town

I bought this gold iris for its color and not because it was described as a repeat bloomer. I didn't believe I could make an iris happy enough to re-bloom. But I guess I gave it the right amount of water and compost this year because here it is:

Labor Day weekend was hot and sunny throughout. Starting Friday at work, people seemed so blissful about the nice weather coming up for the holiday. Usually our summer holiday weekends are at least partly cold or rainy. Tom and I did just a little yard work, rode our bikes to the beach at Denny Blaine Park, and on Monday, biked to Bumbershoot to see the Steve Miller band. The concert was in an outdoor stadium, so everyone was out in the sun on the red fake turf. A beach ball was batted around overhead, people smoked pot, and someone even held up a lighter at the encore in spite of the bright sun. So, it was the classic summer rock concert experience, just as I was hoping for. A few kids tried crowd-surfing and were passed a surprisingly long way through the crowd. There were a lot of teens as well as gray-ponytail types older than ourselves.

I took this picture from my relaxed position at the beach on Sunday.

Walking around on my lunch hour one day last week I got this picture of a scooter in an excellent free parking spaceā€”or that's what it would be if it were legal. He's already been ticketed. Bummer.