Sunday, 4 December 2011

Google blocks Market account of popular video player developer Inisoft without notice; needs to up it's game

Readers here are probably familiar the name Dice Player. It's one of my favourite Android apps, and an absolute must for anyone who likes to watch HD video on their Android phone or tablet - if it supports your device then there is no better video player for your device. Period.

You can imagine then my shock when I received this Tweet from Inisoft, the developers of Dice Player:

@NZtechfreak Google block our market account without any notice.

Whoa, what?!

Sure enough I dove straight into the Market and searching for Dice Player brings up only the free trial version of the app. There are already reviews on the free trial from other concerned users unable to install the paid version [Aside: I absolutely hate undeserved one-star reviews, don't give Dice Player one-star reviews for this, and to those who did - please stop rating apps in the Market, you make it a worse place for all of us you jackasses].

I clarified some more with Inisoft, and at this stage they have not been supplied any reason from Google (and won't be able to get any answers from El Goog until Monday, way to leave us all in the lurch good n proper Google).

Maybe I'm alone here, but this strikes me as terrible. Google is hurting a not only a good developer with a great product, but also the end user here. If they'd just given a reason then I'd feel more inclined to cut them a little slack, but they didn't manage even that small courtesy.

It's not good enough Google. Get your house in order.