Saturday, 19 November 2011

Spotify streaming music service coming to New Zealand next year

Streaming music services have become incredibly popular in the US and UK, with the likes of Pandora, Microsoft's Zune (Which recently launched in Australia), and of course Google's own Google Music service showing the potential of data-enabled devices to use 'the cloud' to overcome their limited local storage. Here in little ol' NZ, however, we've been largely left behind, with only Sony's Qriocity "Music Unlimited" service available to date.

Thankfully, that looks ready to change as early as February next year. With a well-reviewed Android app, this looks like it could be worthwhile, although I have reservations about the potential data cost, not to mention the monthly costs. Sony has set the bar at $5.99 NZD for its basic service, and $13.99 NZD for premium content, so one can only imagine pricing will be similar for Spotify. Will you be giving it a try? Hit up the comments after the jump and let us know.