Wednesday, 30 November 2011

[Download] Sony Ericsson TrackID now available for all Android Sweden

Thanks, Sweden!
Sony Ericsson's music identification and sharing application, TrackID, is one of the more widely appreciated features of the Xperia line, and it's just been made available to all and sundry on the Android Market - providing you're running Froyo or above. Also providing you live in Sweden. Hmm.

Well, the global village has struck again, and thanks to user lastword112 over at XDA, the app is now available to download and sideload. Naturally, we've provided a mirror below. Click through to get your download on.

I've found the likes of Soundhound and Shazam a little bloated of late, so TrackID makes for a welcome change, with a slick UI and a tempting price of zero dollars. I've confirmed the app works on my Galaxy S II, as the screenshots will attest. It's identified most music I've thrown at it, though prefers major label artists, and doesn't seem to share my taste in electro-industrial.

Feel free to give it a shot yourself, and let us know the results. It took me about three goes to get it to work, initially spitting out a few variations on 'try again later', but seems to be chugging away merrily now, even identifying my location as New Zealand, and listing the (atrocious) top ten charting tracks.

Download - Sony Ericsson TrackID